An advanced technology of the GMS enables a fusion of the
Fintech X IoT X mobility

GMS Project to save two billion people who cannot buy a car in the world starts
as a first step.
Credit and environmental problems are settled by technological innovation of IoT.

We provide the social maintenance that everybody can use a car and the structure that a profit can apply in a car by our social life.

We want to realize a service to be able to help various mobility spread through the remote start device ″MCCS″ of the original development and do challenge that the way of the motor vehicle finance at the global level that it is impossible to come true is changed until now.

If there is the enterprise which wants to sell motor vehicle and there are the people who want to be purchased all over the world.

If there is also the enterprise which wants to cause use motor vehicle, there is also User who wants to use.

However, it is said that two billion are in the world as for the people whom the motor vehicle finance such as lease & the loan is not available to in conventional organization and it has no way of dealing unless it consents tacitly to the use of aging vehicles in many countries and a noise or the exhaust gas issue in the transport sector become a serious situation at a global environment level.

With our performance, we have all of finance enterprises of the world become a partner and want to build a service model to be able to use to many people in peace.

A variety of remote control such as vehicle speed control, engine ON/OFF control is possible.
It is equipped with various interfaces, and sensing of all information is realized.
Including motor vehicle and a motorcycle, a machine tool, an office work machine can be put on many equipment in a postscript.

The BIG data of the mobility are utilized

It gives information in the form that analyzes BIG data accumulating on the cloud, and is requested and demanded in the society by GMS IoT Platform.

We make use of vehicles conditions (business time, sales, client evaluation, dangerous driving, payment conditions) of the user whom financial institutions in particular require the value and develop structure returned to a user.

If the society where a new financial service is provided to a user is established, affluent society build more and will be to become a base to make good society.

We will develop business with the partner that can be approved of as a game changer creating new mobility society.

GMS challenges realization of mobility society through IoT making people happy with partners.

In 2020, there will be more than 50 billion IoT devices estimated to be deployed in the world. Our innovative IoT platform with payment system has cost leadership and superior security and can be used by any kinds of device in the world. We also envision the open platform that can realize secondary service to improve people's life. We will challenge and provide excellent service to make people happy with innovative business model all over the world.

To the future connected mobility society

We create business model on our IoT platform that connects with our original devices installed in any kinds of vehicle. GMS will change the conventional value chain and create new industries all over the world and lead a brighter future.



  • GMS succeeded to develop MCCS mini, real-time vehicle sensing device

    Within 1 second, MCCS mini could be installed in the vehicle. Not to mention about vehicle theft, MCCS mini will realize to notice dangerous driving behavior, and location information for 24 hours.

  • GMS increase capital through third-party share allocation

    GMS conducted to increase capital tough SBI investment Inc by allocating share. With the investment of 300M yen, GMS will develop an advanced platform service for mobility IoT and smooth operations.

  • Memorandum of Understandings Signing ceremony with the Local Government Unit of Makati City and GMS

    After pilot project, Makati City and GMS entered into memorandum of understandings to introduce GMS mass transportations service. Makati City shall support GMS service comprehensively.

  • GMS succeeded to establish business for mobility IoT platform for the first time in the world

    GMS conducted press conference to disclose partnerships with Meralco, Mserve, PLDT, SMART, and BAYAD CENTER to launch the IoT service in the Philippines by their cooperation.

  • Fujitsu and GMS develop a project together in the Philippines

    Fujitsu SPATIOWL system and GMS IoT platform is integrated in API. With this, we will provide a service of a battery life prediction and the survival distance of the electric vehicle.

  • Memorandum of Agreement Signing ceremony with the Local Government Unit of Quezon City and GMS

    GMS and Quezon City, the largest population City in the Philippines, entered into signing Memorandum of Agreement for introducing Electric Tricycle.

  • GMS applied Philippines local electric motor cycle manufacturer for Pilot project

    GMS applied electric motorcycle from Phil ETRO EV Inc, local electric motorcycle manufacturer. In the Philippines there is a demand of Electric Vehicle (EV) with lithium Iron Battery. GMS is planning to look for more supplier to introduce EV.

  • Pilot Project in Makati City, Philippines

    In cooperation with Makati City and Tricycle Operators and Drivers Association, GMS have conducted a pilot project. We could succeed to pass all required items to introduce mass transportation service.

  • GMS succeeded to develop Mobility Cloud Connecting System (MCCS) with remote control function

    MCCS is an advanced device which added more value on mobility in the world. GMS is aiming at expansion of vehicle sales by MCCS which can remotely control vehicle with 3G and have sensing function.