Through the development of original technology & strategic market creation, we create ECO-MOBILITY that is essential for the life of people all over the world by building IoT infrastructures.

By envisioning the car of the society 10 years in advance, we create an IoT platform that provides services through the information collected from our devices.

Due to the increasing interest in IoT (Internet of Things) there are high expectations in the vehicle industries all over the world to change and surpass the present technology.
There's been proposal for new innovations together with the current progress in the development of vehicle technology led by America and European countries.

A Vehicle Fit for the Society

We live in a time where vehicles continue to make essential contributions in the social and economic improvements of the country.

To make the Smart Community a reality everywhere, we believe that the key is "a vehicle" that fits the needs of the society.

Therefore, in an IoT era, a "connected" vehicle – which uses two-way communication in relaying highly valuable information collected as data – will open up various possibilities and is essential in advancing and changing the society in the years to come.

Our role

To provide a globally satisfying mobility service we combined our years of experience in vehicle development with the IoT platform system we developed.
From our originally developed MCCS with remote control feature, we aim to diversify our mobility services and increase the utility of every application platform.

With the new business model we formulated we will revolutionize information mobility to satisfy the demands of the people.