Innovative IoT device

Remote control and sensing any machinery

Car, Motorcycle

Control speed, accelerator


Geo-fence for drone

Machine Tools

Activation control

Farm machine, Construction machine

Engine ON/OFF

Medical, Business machine

Permitting/non permitting use


Device that can remotely control


With high performance CPU, MCCS is
・High functioning and safely remote control
・Various information sensing
・Able to install in machinery   

Remote control

・Easily manage the vehicle speed
・Control engine ON/OFF
・Control accelerator input
Realize every control 


・Dangerous driving ・Fuel consumption ・Breakdown
・Driving Path ・Location ・Theft etc.
Equip various interfaces which realize various information sensing.


・Car ・Motorcycle ・Farm machine, Construction machine
・Medical, Business machine ・Drone etc.
Can be installed in all types of vehicles as add-on parts.

Innovative FinTech device

MCCS mini

IoT device MCCS mini outline

Sensing device for everyone's need

MCCS mini can reliable sensing although getting information from OBD port is prohibited.

・reliable sensing and doesn't depend on OBD port
・installing 3G module enable always connect
・Various information sensing
・Easy to install. Just insert in cigar lighter
・Hassle free

Achieved service and value

Realize new IoT service based on remote control and sensing

  •  Auto finance

    Auto lease, auto loan
    Without Credit Examinations

  •  Vehicle Manufacturer

    Added value improvement by installing IoT functions in mobility

  •  Insurance Company

    Collect dangerous driving information and reliable telematics insurance

  •  Logistics Company

    Optimize logistics based on location and driving characteristics information.

  •  Government, Municipality

    Vehicle inflow regulation by relating to number coding

  •  Security

    Advanced security service that can remotely control the vehicle

Expandable IoT platform

Open platform

IoT platform system image

Conceptual diagram of platform system

[Common PF function outline] Develop a common platform that can expand business globally

Add value to accumulated big data

Produces valuable data

  • Insurance company

    Telematics insurance and optimization of underwriting which use dangerous driving and characteristics and accident correlation information

  • Financial institution

    Remote control and utilizing user's payment data can create microfinance credit for low income people.

  • Advertising agency

    Realize optimal ad serving by user's individual characteristic information and mobility use information.

  • Government, Municipality

    Take advantage of Infrastructure development, flow regulations and traffic-related policy by analyzing transportation information.