Domestic business model


The IoT Platform Service by GMS

GMS introduces a highly value-added IoT platform services by combining its state-of-art vehicle control technologies and vehicle sensing technology with proven IoT system.

GMS IoT module, MCCS, can be installed in any types of vehicle such as cars, construction machines, agriculture machines, ships etc. Through vehicle information, travel information, sensing and remote control, GMS provides brand new services and business opportunities. For example, GMS supports the financial service to realize loan schemes for low income personal and thus creates a society even those people actively engage the economic growth.


Business overview


Auto Finance Service without credit history

Auto finance company can acquire new customers

GMS offers the service and technology that enable to provide vehicle loan for those who is capable of payback but does not have bank record and who can dynamically engage the economic growth.


Security service

Stop the vehicle remotely
Innovative Anti-vehicle theft service

Conventional anti vehicle theft service only alerts and traces the vehicle while GMS device can prevent stolen vehicle driving by remote-control function.


Vehicle Management

Easy to install and reliable sensing

Relatively easy vehicle information sensing by just connecting MCCS device in a cigar lighter socket or a fuse box. And GMS provides the essential IoT service platform in terms of security and safe sensing without using OBD port.