We would like to make many people happy
through the provision of our mobility service.

We started GMS with the aim to decrease the suffering and contribute
to the happiness of societies.
We would like to contribute to the world, to the best of our ability,
every DEVELOPMENT we have experienced in Japan.

From Vehicle with Society to Society with Vehicle

Just having a vehicle doesn't necessarily make people happy.
Knowing the importance of vehicles,
we would like to change the way people RELATE to them.

Challenge the world

We think GMS can contribute to the global market by integrating excellent Japanese technology with our products.
Based on 16 years of experience in the Electric Vehicle Industry, we have introduced various cloud services and established an innovative service platform with our originally developed MCCS technology.
We launch the service in the country and area wherever needed.

As a company which has continued to impress many people with the actual profit through our service, GMS will continue to face big challenges in the world stage.

Support us as we promise to change the vehicle society and go beyond your expectations.

Tokushi Nakashima